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Len Lukowski
Len Lukowski taking camera phone photo on reflective ceiling of glittery toilet in dark blue light
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'Reassurance' was shortlisted for the Aesthetica Creative Writing Award for Fiction and is in the 2023 anthology

'The Bare Thing' now available to order from Broken Sleep Books

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'Bodily Fluids' is in issue 68 of North Magazine, guest edited by Andrew McMillan and Stephanie Sy-Quia

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'Sites of Humiliation' is in New Writing Scotland 40: Nobody Remembers the Birdman edited by Rachelle Attalla and Marjorie Lofti

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I have a poem in 'The Plum Review' (responses to William Carlos Williams) published by Broken Sleep Books

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'Outtakes' is in issue 12 of the LGBTQ+ poetry journal 'Impossible Archetype. Free to read and download online

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