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Updated: May 7, 2022

9 photos of the same bedroom window on subsequent days in Spring, a green tree is visible through the window. 7 of the photos are in daytime, mostly when it is sunny. One photo is taken at night with eerie light reflections, in another the light is on in the bedroom and the window/view is covered by a dark blue blanket made from a sack-like material
A selection of photos of my bedroom window from late April to early May 2022

@365photosofoneview is a project in which every day of the year 2022 I take a photo of the view from my bedroom window and share it. Currently this is being done through Instagram who probably already own enough of me and unfortunately IG doesn't allow viewers to look at posts without an account, but when the year is up I will archive and write about the project elsewhere.

9 photos of the same bedroom window on subsequent days in February. 3 rows of 3 photos. Tree which is nearly bare is visible in all photos. Most photos taken in daylight, sky wintery but relatively bright. If you look closely in the photo on the top right corner you can see it has been snowing. One photo taken in the evening when the sky is clear but the light is very blue. One photo taken at night with more of the room in the frame and the shadow of the photographer is visible by window, on this photo the light is also reflecting on the dirt of the window. Bottom left hand corner photo, the view is altered/blurred by a translucent blind, this blind is also visible on the bottom right hand corner, but only very partially pulled down
My bedroom window, February 2022

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